Siegfried De Buck: Brussels jewellery week

Siegfried De Buck: Brussels jewellery week

Klasse Kunsten

Van 28 april tot 8 mei vindt de "Brussels jewellery week" plaats. Werk van Siegfried De Buck, lid Klasse Kunsten, maakt deel uit van de "In Fieri" tentoonstelling. In het hart van Brussel ontdekt u de hedendaagse juwelen van 51 ontwerpers uit 21 landen:



In Fieri

The thin line between being made and becoming

In the artistic practice of the late 20th century, we have started to gain insight into the humbling nature of creative processes. Every creation is a transformation, a becoming, not only of matter, but of the artist as well. We are injected with inspiration through the subject. Matter makes us better. We are constantly becoming, underway to existence as toward a full-grown concept, a finalized form, although not often reached.

So what are we becoming when we create? Is contemporary jewellery a medium that helps us in accomplishing our transformations? Do the materials we use change us? Or do we change materials?

In Fieri is the exact state where being made and becoming tellingly overlap.



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