Ronny Delrue: Sculptures of Stones

Ronny Delrue: Sculptures of Stones

Klasse Kunsten

Nothing is final. Everything consists of so much more than defined and visible reality. Ronny Delrue’s drawings point to the transparency of everything that surrounds us. In Sculptures of Stones, his recent series of drawings, Delrue works on a larger format than usual. As smoothly as ever, he puts his stream of ideas down on paper. These traces testify that no form is permanent in the transience of our existence...

Op 10 maart opent de solotentoonstelling 'Sculptures of stones' van Ronny Delrue (Klasse Kunsten) in Galleria MLF / Marie-Laure Fleisch, Brussel.

De expo loopt tot en met 16 april.

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Afbeelding: Ronny Delrue, 8.2.2021,20:42, 2021, mixed media on paper, framed, 42 x 29,5 cm