Poverty and/in education



Academy Palace, Brussels

Poverty and/in education

Activiteit in het kader van de Denkerscyclus 

The democratization of education started in the 1950s and 1960s.  It aimed to ensure that young people from different social and economic backgrounds can find their way to secondary education, colleges and universities. But sociological research shows that the progression of young people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and lower income families still is structurally problematic, resulting in increasing inequality in school and work trajectories, experiences, and outcomes.

Luann Good Gingrich (York University, Canada) and Diane Reay (Cambridge University, UK) are two internationally renowned experts. As 'Thinkers-in-residence' they have brought their expertise to Flanders in order to reflect on poverty and inequality in education with a wide range of Flemish stakeholders. 

During this symposium, they will present their findings, offer recommendations, and invite discussion and reactions for a future-oriented Flemish policy and practice.



9:30 - Welcome and coffee


10:00 - Introduction by the coordinators

Mieke Van Houtte, UGent

Mathijs Lamberigts, KU Leuven


10:10 - Analysis of the situation by the Thinkers

Luann Good Gingrich, York University, Toronto

Diane Reay, Cambridge University, UK


11:00 - Panel discussion and Q&A

  • Conchita Belaey, teacher Freinet school, experience expert
  • Brecht Demeulenaere, director Onderwijscentrum Gent
  • Elisabeth Meuleman, member Committee on Education, Flemish Parliament
  • Ides Nicaise, KU Leuven
  • Pascale Mertens, moderator (VRT)


12:30 - Lunch


13:30 - Policy and practice recommendations by the Thinkers


14:15 - Breakout sessions to discuss the recommendations


15.15 - Report from the breakout groups + reaction by the Thinkers


16:00 - Closing speech


16:10 - Reception