From Open Science to Innovation, an Engineering Challenge for Europe



Palace of the Academies, Brussels

From Open Science to Innovation, an Engineering Challenge for Europe


European Council of Academies of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering
Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van België voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten
Académie royale de Belgique

In the last decade there is a growing momentum towards making all steps of the scientific activities more open and transparent, and in this way speeding up the cooperation, progress, adaptation and implementation of the findings. This is also important in order to increase the trust in scientific findings for a crisis like a pandemic or for major societal issues like climate change. But open science concerns mainly the research process, generally supported by public funding, making new knowledge a part of the common good of humanity.

The innovation process is quite different although complementary. Open science could make more critical the so-called "European paradox": Europe is still at the top for basic research but is often unable to translate scientific advances into marketable innovations! Without local ecosystems, including private companies, research and technology organizations, strategic local public support etc., the results of research, which is more and more open and accessible to anybody, will not be rewarded to the countries funding the development of knowledge.

The concept of "Responsible innovation" needs to be addressed as well. Is it nowadays possible to develop an innovation which is not supporting or contributing to the societal transition to a sustainable world? Is it possible to extend the concept of open-source in software, into open free innovation for technological solutions aiming to realize the many unavoidable transitions?

How are these concerns taken into account in the different European countries? It’s clearly a challenge for Euro-CASE members.
The goal of this conference is to learn good practices from all Euro-CASE partners and innovators, to debate the opportunities and challenges created by open science, RRI (responsible research and innovation) and responsible innovation and to translate these basic trends, allowing to disseminate technical solutions for easing the needed transitions in accordance with the needs of very different countries.


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