Innovative Entrepreneurship via Spin-offs of Knowledge Centres



Palace of the Academies, Brussels

Activiteit in het kader van de Denkerscyclus 

Activiteit in het kader van het Standpunt 

The number of start-up enterprises in Flanders has decreased lately, while the number of spin-offs from knowledge centers has increased. There are numerous initiatives in Flanders, Belgium and Europe that seek to promote business start-ups. The Technical Science Class (KTW) and Natural Science Class (KNW) of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and Arts (KVAB) published a position paper specifically on spin-offs arising from knowledge centers, therefore making an immediate link to innovation. These spin-offs are located mainly in the high-tech world such as biotechnology and ICT as well as in energy, environmental technologies and service sectors. The report contains recommendations for a.o. knowledge centers (mainly the universities, colleges and strategic research centers), government, business and education world.