Thinkers' Programme

Through its Thinkers' Programme the Flemish Academy aims to invite 1 or 2 highly regarded scholars (called ‘thinkers’) to come to Flanders at several occasions during the year. The thinkers are introduced to the specifics of a particular challenge Flanders is currently facing. Via the members of the taskforce  appointed by the Academy, they are given the opportunity to discuss the topic with  important opinion-makers, politicians, university professors, industrial managers, other types of stakeholders...
As time develops, the  thinkers will construct their specific appraisal/evaluation of the situation in Flanders about the theme/topic of concern. They have the full freedom to draft a set of recommendations, actions, confrontations. The program concludes with a one-day symposium at the Royal Academy in Brussels. The overall quintessence of their 'experience' is consolidated in a short report whicht should aim to hold wisdom and guidance for the Flemish Government.

Two thinkers' programmes are held each year. The concept was inspired by the Thinkers in Residence Program in Adelaide (South Australia).

Recent Thinkers' Programmes