Palace of the Academies



One of the buildings to which the Palace Square owes its name is the Palace of the Academies, which currently houses most of the Academies of Belgium, including the KVAB.

Between 1828 and 1830, it was the home of Crown Prince William of Orange-Nassau and his wife Anna Pavlovna, daughter of Czar Paul and Grand Duchess of Russia. For a certain period  it was also the residence of Crown Prince Leopold, at that time holding the title of Duke of Brabant, to which Hertogdstraat (“Duke street”) refers. The palace is a late but pure example of neoclassicism, the palace style of the  Enlightenment. This architectural gem was designed according to pure geometric proportions, renaissance symmetry and axiality.

Venue hire

The KVAB makes its rooms in the Palace of the Academies and in the Throne Building available for scientific or artistic meetings of an academic level. The capacity of the halls is up to 250 people. Interested parties may submit a written application via the online form.