Energy Reflection Group

Our world is in an energy transition. By means of the Energy Reflection Group, the Academy organizes debates, lectures, seminars and conferences on current energy topics. On this energy stage, internationally renowned experts are invited and room is created for discussion and debate. In this connection, the Energy Reflection Group cooperates with stakeholders such as energy companies, engineering associations and the World Energy Council.

In addition, the Energy Reflection Group coordinates all initiatives within the KVAB on the theme of energy, such as working on Standpunten and cycles of the Thinkers’ Programme.

The president of the Energy Reflection Group is Ivo Van Vaerenbergh (Class of Technical Sciences, Actility Benelux). The members are: Johan Albrecht (Ghent University),  Kevin Welch (Engie), Ronnie Belmans (Class of Technical Sciences, KU Leuven), Danielle Devogelaer (Fed. Planbureau), William D' haeseleer, (Class of Technical Sciences, KU Leuven), Pascal De Buck (Fluxys), Jan De Smet (Ghent University), Luc Dufresne (Nationale Bank), Dirk Fransaer (Class of Technical Sciences, VITO), Derrick Gosselin (Class of Technical Sciences, Ghent University), Jan Kretzschmar, (Class of Technical Sciences, Antwerp University), Hugo Hens (KU Leuven), Joeri Van Mierlo (VUB), Luc Sterckx (Febeliec), Stan Ulens (Class of Technical Sciences), Joost Van Roost, Frank Verschraegen (DEME)

Events in this Energy Reflection Group