Bilateral cooperation

The KVAB has bilateral agreements with 17 foreign Academies with the aim of establishing and strengthening scientific networks and cooperation and promoting mobility between the scientists of their respective countries. The first agreement was concluded in 1990. So far, the emphasis has been on supporting short stays of individual scientists. Within the framework of these agreements, Flemish scientists and their foreign colleagues can organize short visits of up to 2 weeks, in which expertise is exchanged or cooperation is initiated or further developed.

The bilateral exchanges are mostly used for strategic consultation in collaborative projects between Flemish scientists and their foreign colleagues, but they have also been used for training, exchanges of expertise and library consultations.

  • Hungarian Academy (1990)
  • Austrian Academy (1993)
  • Polish Academy, Warschau (1993)
  • Romanian Academy (1996)
  • Académie des Sciences, Institut de France (1996)
  • Polish Academy, Krakow (2000)
  • Academia Nazionale dei Lincei (2000)
  • Czech Academy (2000)
  • Slovenian Academy  (2002)
  • Kosovar Academy (2003)
  • Macedonian Academy (2003)
  • Serbian Academy (2003)
  • Estonian Academy (2004)
  • Slovak Academy (2004)
  • Croation Academy (2007)
  • Royal Institute of Thailand (2008)
  • Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns (2013)
  • Royal Society of Edinburgh (2017)

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