International exchange

The Academy has concluded bilateral agreements with Academies worldwide. The aim of cooperation agreements with a number of foreign Academies is to exchange researchers regularly for short periods of time.

What expenses does the Academy cover?
These usually last up to two weeks. Travel expenses and accommodation costs are fully reimbursed upon approval. The maximum financial contribution amounts to € 2000. As a rule, travel expenses are reimbursed by the home-country Academy and accommodation costs by the host-country Academy.

Who are they for?
The bilateral exchanges with scientists in the countries with which the Academy has concluded an agreement take place at the request of individual Flemish scientists and are approved by the Bureau of the KVAB and by the foreign Academies concerned.

If you are interested in exchanging scientists in one of the following countries, please contact Jan Albert. To submit a request, use the form, which can be downloaded here.

Requests can be submitted at any time, preferably at least one month before the planned exchange. Only requests from Flemish scientists wishing to visit foreign colleagues are accepted. If the application is approved by the KVAB, the KVAB takes it upon itself to forward the application to the foreign Academy. Foreign researchers wishing to visit a Flemish university or research institute must submit their requests to their country’s Academy.

Bilateral agreements
At the moment, the Academy has agreements with the following Academies:

  • Hunagrian Academy
  • Austrian Academy
  • Polish Academy, Warschau
  • Romanian Academy
  • Académie des Sciences, Institut de France
  • Polish Academy, Krakow
  • Italian Academy (de Lincei)
  • Czech Academy
  • Slovenian Academy
  • Kosovar Academy
  • Macedonian Academy
  • Serbian Academy
  • Estonian Academy
  • Slovak Academy
  • Croatian Academy
  • Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns