To show its appreciation for promising talent and to honour outstanding achievements, the Academy offers a variety of prizes. 
Detailed information (regulation, form, past laureates) is available in Dutch. 

  • The Gouden Penning [Gold Medal] is awarded annually to a person who has made a significant contribution to the promotion and spread of science and the arts to the general public.
  • The prize Laureate of the Academy is awarded by each of the four Classes to a promising researcher or artist.
  • The Science Communication Awards are conferred each year by the KVAB in cooperation with the Young Academy to deserving researchers who also excel in science communication.
  • Every three years, the Prize of the Minister for Scientific Policy is awarded to an organization that has promoted the popularization of science.
  • The Frans Van Cauwelaert Prize is awarded alternating between the exact sciences and the humanities.
  • The Prize of the Flemish Scientific Foundation is awarded in turn to young researchers from the humanities, the exact and the biomedical sciences.
  • The Foundation Awards are scientific prizes in a specific field that are awarded thanks to funds and bequests entrusted to the Academy.