Flemish Science Agenda and interdisciplinarity

Position Paper | Year 2019
Flemish Science Agenda and interdisciplinarity
Dealing with interdisciplinary problems & solutions
Class of Natural Sciences
In the Flemish Science Agenda, drawn up following a consultation with members of the public concerning their expectations about science, the questions were grouped into 82 cluster questions, ranked according to five knowledge domains. Remarkably, in each case, the approach to the major challenges being faced requires consultation and collaboration across various disciplines. What also emerged is that Flemish research teams with their expertise are nicely integrated in the international networks investigating the cluster questions. Both in research and education, there needn’t be a contradiction between the focus on interdisciplinarity, and excellence at the level of each discipline. In order that science can contribute effectively to widely accepted solutions for societal problems, it is important to broaden the culture of science within our society using the appropriate means of communication.

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  • Christoffel Waelkens