Position Paper | Year 2004
Class of Technical Sciences

The internet has risen high expectations in the logistics community by its promise of continuous availability and global reach. However, direct access to the customer forces many enterprises to rethink their role and strategies in the overall supply chain.

We have investigated the promise of e-Logistics: is it only a technology-based evolution – or is its omnipresence an opportunity to develop and grow the business? If so, the technology scaleability allow all companies, big or small, to reposition themselves in the global landscape.

A new positioning methodology, based on distinct enterprise roles, will point out where the company added value is created and how to achieve it. This allows to better state goals, related technological requirements and their influence on the existing business processes and organisational implications.

In-depth analysis will yield recommendations in areas such as avoidance of redundant traffic of goods – and the related waste of energy and reources, the development of skills and competencies to introduce and implement new logictics processes and tools – and the impact on employment and education, a more developed management of the space and communication requirement, data security and protection of privacy.

This will undoubtedly contribute to the overall economic growth potential, enabling our enterprise to lead rather than to be subject to change.

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