The role of gas in the Belgian energy transition

Position Paper | Year 2020
The role of gas in the Belgian energy transition
Natural Gas and Hydrogen
Class of Technical Sciences
In this Position Paper we describe the potential role of gas in a number of end-use sectors: in several processes natural gas plays a role in the short-term reduction of CO2 emissions, but carbon-free technologies or the use of CCUS are required in order to make these applications completely carbon-free or carbon-neutral by 2050. For several applications, blue or green hydrogen qualifies as an alternative energy carrier but its costs and availability, as well as the logistics, will determine to what extent there will be an actual breakthrough. Moreover, other technologies, including extensive electrification, will have to be developed in parallel. Finally, the report presents some conclusions and recommendations for policymakers, in view of optimally promoting and facilitating the transition to a carbonneutral energy system.

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  • Joost Van Roost
  • Luc Van Nuffel
  • Pieter Vingerhoets