New members 2020

New members 2020

In 2020 KVAB has elected new excellent members and foreign members. The were introduced to the public during the digital General Assembly (Openbare Vergadering) on the 19th of December 2020. 

The Class of Natural Sciences elected three new members: Claude Libert, Jozef Ongena and Guy Smagghe.

The Class of Humanities elected Laurens Cherchye, Pierre Delsaerdt and Letizia Paoli as new members. Elisabeth Crouzet-Pavan and Judith Pollmann were elected as foreign members.

The Class of the Arts elected four new members: Jan Dewilde, Steven Jacobs, Jan Michiels and Mauro Pawlowski.

The Class of Technical Sciences elected Ann Caluwaerts, Erik Smolders, Jos Vander Sloten, Joeri Van Mierlo as new members. Frank De Winne was elected as foreign member.