Spin-offs of knowledge centres

Position Paper | Year 2014
Innovative entrepreneurship via spin-offs of knowledge centres
Class of Technical Sciences


Several think tanks and policy makers uttered their concern about the shrinking number of start-up companies in Flanders. At the same time, however, the number of spin-offs from knowledge centers (universities, colleges, strategic research centers) appears to be rising. Such spin-offs are created mainly in innovative fields such as biotechnology, ICT, energy and environmental technologies, as well as in the services sector.

Clearly, the authorities and the region’s existing industrial networks are important catalysts for the development of spin-offs.

This position paper investigates which extra initiatives could be recommended for the different stakeholders (authorities, education, knowledge centers) to reinforce the positive trend. Indeed, encouraging innovation is a top priority for a region like Flanders, but its valorization is a top priority too.

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