Corporate social responsibility

Position Paper | Year 2014
Corporate social responsibility
Class of Technical Sciences

Corporate social responsibility has become an unavoidable and necessary part of each business venture. Economic value creation is impossible without due respect for ecological, social and ethical aspects. Together with government , educational institutions, NGOs and consumers, small and large enterprises will all have to aim at sustainable development. They will have to, not only for commercial reasons, but also out of mere self-interest. The markets and the general public will correct unsustainable behaviour. Numerous businesses, both multinational companies and SMEs already  made big efforts in the field of CSR and a lot of research has been done regarding boundary conditions, key success factors and co-operation models with and between stakeholders. There are many examples of meaningful, creative and inspiring solutions, both at large and small scale. Thorough acceptation and implementation by all stakeholders, though, is not yet sufficiently acquired, and the planet will not really benefit from CSR as long as not all parties involved will truly assume their responsibility.

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  • Luc Bonte
  • Paul Verstraeten