Narrative and Music



Paleis der Academiën, Brussel

The goal of this conference is to bring the studies of narrative and music together. Research into narrative and music is often an either/or story: either music cannot be narrative at all or it definitely is. During this conference, we take the narrativity of music as a starting point, but consider it to be scalar. This allows for more fruitful discussions about narrative and music. Music itself can tell a story, but it can also add to a story conveyed by other media. This conference also wants to offer a platform for researchers working on intermedial art that includes music in all its shapes and forms. Think of film, radio plays, opera, or games.

The conference ‘Narrative and Music’ will take place on November 15, 16, and 17 in Brussels. We welcome three keynote speakers: Prof. Dr. Werner Wolf, Dr. Tristian Evans, and Prof. Dr. Peter Dayan. Other lectures are divided into 8 theme sessions spread over three days. On the last day, a concert is also scheduled at 20:00. This concert is related to the sub-theme 'minimalism and narrativity'. Works by Philip Glass will be the subject of the concert.

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