Room reservations

Conditions of use of hall reservations

The KVAB places its rooms at the disposal of scientific or artistic gatherings of academic standing. The maximal capacity of its halls is 250 persons.

Summary of the agreement

Those interested must appeal by letter to the permanent secretary, or, directly, to Mr. Kris Brossé.

This must happen at least one month before the manifestation. This message must contain all necessary information such as: identity of the applicant, nature and purpose of the event, its date and time and the expected number of participants.

The costs of the event are set in the contract which also lists the specific halls that may be used and the timespan in which the event may take place.

The Academy can provide projection equipment, screens, and sound and video equipment.

All promotional material of the event must carry the Academy logo (which can be found in "Rooms of the Academy Palace")