The bilingual family archive of Dryton, his wife Apollonia and their daughter Senmouthis.

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Series: Collectanea Hellenistica IV

Auteur(s): K. VANDORPE

Abstract: This volume contains an introduction and edition of the bilingual family archive of Dryton, his wife Apollonia alias Senmonthis and their offspring. The Cretan officer Dryton, son of Pamphilos, served in the Ptolemaic army of the second century B.C. A son was born out of his first marriage. When he was about 40 years old, Dryton entered a second marriage with an Egyptian girl Apollonia alias Senmonthis, a daughter of a fellow soldier. Dryton went to live in the small town of Pathyris, south of Thebes. The couple had five daughters. The family’s archive contains a diversity of Greek and Demotic texts written on papyrus and ostraka, reflecting Greek and Egyptian traditions. The archive is important for research on multicultural societies.


Jaar van uitgave: 2002

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