The Judean-Syrian-Egyptian conflict of 103-101 B.C. A multilingual dossier concerning a “war of sceptres”.

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Series: Collectanea Hellenistica I


Abstract: In 103-101 B.C. a dynastic struggle between two Ptolemaic princes is fought in Syria and Palestine and involves the Seleucids and the Hasmonean Alexander Jannaeus. The ancient historians Pompeius Trogus, Justinus and Josephus give only a very sketchy picture of the events. In the present volume this is fleshed out by papyri and inscriptions: a correspondence in Greek and demotic of Ptolemaic soldiers on campaign to their relatives in far-away Pathyris, a funerary epigram in Edfou, a hieroglyphic inscription for a Ptolemaic general, perhaps even some material from Qumran. The multilingual documentation asks for a multidisciplinary approach by papyrologists, demotists, Egyptologists, semitists and historians. This was the last great work of E. Van 't Dack, who headed the team, and was responsible for the historical conclusions, in which he not only reconstructs the details of a military campaign, but also gives a new view of the history of Egypt and Palestine about 100 B.C.


  1. Introduction
    1. The Seleucids in the late 2nd and early 1st century
    2. Les Lagides au tournant due IIe/Ier siècle
    3. La situation juive à la fin du IIe et au début du Ier siè cle
  2. Literary sources
    1. Sources trop sommaires
    2. Trogue-Pompée/Justin XXXIX 3-5.1
    3. Flavius Josephus, Ant. Jud. XIII 320-364
    4. Autres références dans la littérature gréco-latine?
    5. CD VIII 11-12 and 1 Qp Hab IV 10-12
  3. Documentary papyri
    1. Letter of Portis and the youths
    2. Fragment of a letter
    3. Letter of Panobchounis
    4. Letter from a hegemon and soldiers
    5. Letter of Nechturis
    6. Letter of Panobchounis
    7. End of letter from Ptolemais
    8. Letter of Philammon
  4. Inscriptions
    1. The dating formula of the Serapeum stele Louvre 3709
    2. The epitaph of the officer Apollonios
    3. La statue du général Pétimouthè s
  5. Miscellaneous observations
    1. Date of the conflict
    2. The beginning of the reign of Jannaeus
    3. Damascus at the end of the 2nd century
    4. Ptolemaïs-Akko
    5. Les armées en cause
    6. Le retour de Ptolémée IX en Egypte et la fin du rè gne de Ptolémée X
    7. Toujours le testament d'un Ptolémée Alexandre

Jaar van uitgave: 1989

ISB-Nummer: 90 6569 403 X

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