Final conference Blended Learning

This conference was organised on 19 November, 2014 in the Palace of the Academies.

Here you find the program with all presentations and the position papers. More information on the Thinkers program to be found here.

Introduction and welcome

Georges Van der Perre, coordinator of the KVAB Blended Learning project       Slideshow

Session 1: The MOOCs challenge

The MOOCs Tsunami: MOOCs offer and participation in the world, Europe and Belgium

Pierre Dillenbourg, EPFL, KVAB-Thinker in Residence       Slideshow

A Belgian pioneer: The UCL and the LouvainX program

Françoise Docq, IPM, UCL       Slideshow

Flemish students in an entrepreneurship MOOC with Berkeley and Stanford

Frank Gielen, UGent, iMinds       Slideshow

A European model: the OpenupED platform

Peter Sloep, OU-Netherlands       Slideshow

Session 2: Blended learning (BL), open educational resources (OER), learning design (LD)

Examples of BL-good practice in Flanders

Video lectures and discussion forum in a master course on Plant Biotechnology

Godelieve Gheysen, UGent       Slideshow

Flipped classroom and web learning in a basic Engineering Mechanics course

Jos Vander Sloten, KU Leuven       Slideshow

Blended learning trajectory for working students in the master program in Social Work

Dimitri Mortelmans, UAntwerpen       (video message)

Distance Learning Program in the Master Statistics

Roel Braekers, UHasselt       Slideshow

Blended Learning program in Educational Sciences

Koen Lombaerts, VUB       Slideshow

State of the Art: BL, OER and LD in the world, Europe and Flanders

Diana Laurillard, The Institute of Education, London, KVAB-Thinker in Residence       Slideshow

Research on Blended Learning: Ideas for a research agenda

Jan Elen and Katie Goeman, KU Leuven       Slideshow

Session 3: A systemic vision on the optimal exploitation of ICT and Internet for Higher Learning in Flanders and beyond

The two Thinkers in Residence Position Papers

Thinking about Blended Learning       Position paper

Diana Laurillard, Thinker in residence       Slideshow

No time to lose - Proposing a MOOC strategy for Flanders Universities       Position paper

Pierre Dillenbourg, Thinker in residence       Slideshow

Panel: Blended learning visions and experiences in Flanders and Europe

Anne Flierman, NVAO (Flemish-Dutch Accreditation Organization)       Slideshow

Rosette S’Jegers, VLIR (Flemish Interuniversity Council)

Cis Van den Bogaert, Working Group Digital Learning, VLOR (Flemish Education Council)       Slideshow

Andreas Frans, VVS (Flemish Student Body)

Roland Legrand, De Tijd       Slideshow

Session 4: Debate and closing addresses


Moderated by Georges Van der Perre


Ludo Gelders, Chairman of the KVAB

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